Rocketship Systems develops small custom robots and components as part of a growing Open Robot Ecosystem. We have three divisions that offer different products and services:

  • Rocketship Systems main offering is small custom robots, and associated components such as integrated ground control stations and antenna arrays.
  • BoxBotix is our Open Source, modular robotics platform.
  • FlyingFoam offers precision CNC foam cores.

What is an Open Robot Ecosystem?

The bot is just a small part of a capable robot system.  There are many  components – hardware and software – required to perform a task and achieve some type of capability.  In an Open Robot Ecosystem, we choose to use open source and open standards to achieve said capability.  This allows us to provide maximum flexibility in integrating various technologies across the system, ensures interoperability with other systems that use the same open standards, and helps prevent vendor lock-in for future needs.

Please contact us to discuss your small, custom robot requirements.